Inrush Limiters

Advanced satellite power system architectures demand precise, reliable control of input current to downstream DC-DC converters with large capacitive inputs, primarily to limit the inrush peak. Complicated discrete limiting circuits can be replaced with MDI's Hybrid Inrush Limiters offering these advantages:

Precise, repeatable, user programmable inrush current limiting Inhibit interlock signal for controlled turn-on of downstream converters Under-voltage lockout applies power only when within voltage limits Ground referenced current telemetry for accurate status assessment Dual redundant FET switches, 100K+® Proton Rad Hard design Compact form factor self-contained hybrid package; no other parts required. Easy to implement.
Inrush limiters are sized to all popular satellite bus voltages and harmonize with MDI Proton Rad Hard 100K+® Hybrid DC-DC Converters whether used singly or in multiples. Models *3635 are available with logic level and Model *3646 with traditional mag latch control inputs.

Power Bus Controllers

Control and selection of dual redundant input power buses is now possible in Model *3649 "Bus Master" which simplifies satellite system electrical design by combining the features of a solid state relay, inrush current limiter and turn-on sequencer to provide all the features above plus user selection of redundant satellite power buses via logic command.

Point of Load DC-DC Regulators

Compact radiation hardened, non-isolated, synchronous switching point of load (POL) buck regulators put power conversion exactly where it's needed: directly on-board, right at the load. Available in two inputs (12 VDC and 5 VDC) and two power levels, any variety of output voltages can be achieved to run system loads economically, efficiently and without any extra parts. Perfect for FPGAs.

Solid State Relays

Need to switch satellite buses or system loads consistently, reliably without concern for contact arc or interrupt ratings? Select one of the MDI Hybrid Solid State Relays Model *3647 and tailor the user programmable output ramp to whatever your requirements demand, then command it with either 3.3 V or 5 V CMOS level signals. The large internal FET heat sink integrates the thermal turn-on pulse for low stress operation. It's magnetically isolated, 100K+® Proton Rad Hard and uses no optoelectronics.

Active Diode "OR"

Designed to complement the low voltage outputs of MDI's Proton Rad Hard 100K+® DC-DC Converters, the 53653 Active Diode "OR" offers satellite and space vehicle designers the inherent higher reliability of redundant power sources with the advantages of a rad hard, compact, board or chassis mount, very low forward volt drop, high efficiency steering device.

MIL-STD-1275D "Ruggedized" DC-DC Converters Meet MIL-STD-461 D/E/F Conducted Emissions, Power Leads CE101, CE102

This 3656 series of DC-DC Converter is designed for us terrestrials involved with the design and deployment of military vehicle electronics systems. They are compliant with CE101 and CE102 without any external filters, designed and built tough for high shock and vibe applications and feature rad tolerant, SEU resistant circuits.

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